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“Saving you time”

HIPSTO develops and markets topic based curation apps for the consumer.
Time is man’s most precious commodity and at HIPSTO one of our foremost goals is to save the consumer time.

The media explosion of recent years has created a sensory and informational overload where everyday the consumer is faced with more data, on his or her interests, than he or she can possibly gather and process without significant time involvement.

Here is where HIPSTO provides a solution. Our aim is to contribute to society by providing a product-service that gathers the very latest informational content on a topic to mobile apps that are easy to access for the consumer, unburdens the consumer, and keeps the consumer connected and in the loop.

HIPSTO delivers a service that provides the consumer transparency, reduces informational asymmetry and returns an informational advantage.

HIPSTO is headquartered in Amsterdam, with additional offices in:

Ohio (USA)
Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Melbourne (Australia)