The next-gen AI powered open knowledge discovery platform

Building the next-gen AI-powered open knowledge discovery platform is a challenging endeavour. A challenge accepted by HIPSTO in 2015. Teams in the Ukraine, UK, India, US and The Netherlands have been challenging the paradigm on numerous topics. And quite successfully too. Present-day HIPSTO’s proprietary FalconV™ engine is ready to handle a broad spectrum of tasks for business, intelligence and publishing purposes.

Our partners include:

Full funnel proposition.

The FalconV™ setup offers seamless integration of the data extraction, curation, analysis and delivery funnel. Our solution scope – horizontally and vertically – is unique to the market and unmatched in performance and resource efficiency.

The one engine that fuels multiple outlets

Extensive tests have proven that HIPSTO’s versatile FalconV™ engine creates clean data collections from a variety of data sources. Delivering unprecedented possibilities such as content validation, anomaly detection or fake news detection, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Human-like ‘reading’.

Unique to the HIPSTO’s online curation approach is its ability to process content without using its document mark-up or metadata like traditional search engines. Our proprietary Assistant™ ‘reads’ content in a human-like fashion, using any web or social source, surpassing commercial bias.


HIPSTO has been one of the early adopters of the BERT model. Recently our scientific team released a paper on how to use and improve BERT for some specific task on the topic of semantic similarities of news content. Please download the papers here.

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