Best practice performance in any given scenario

HIPSTO’s plug and play solutions are ready to handle specific tasks within existing or newly created data processing environments. Our open architecture allows seamless integration with any data workflow or 3rd party processing solution.

What’s more, all solutions can be tailored to meet specific extraction, curation, analysis or delivery demands. All bespoke solutions are developed in- house and compliant to industry standards.


News Monitoring

Real time news curation from online sources. Output can be pushed to multiple distribution channels. 

Business Intelligence

Leveraging cleaned web data proved to be a winning strategy for delivering actionable insights.


(SKU) Data tracking across the E-commerce landscape offers key insights for yield optimization. 

AI – ML/DL initiatives 

HIPSTO’s  automated data extraction and annotation matches manual labeling processing accuracy at
fractional cost.

Equity Research & Alternative Data

Real time data analysis on non traditional datasets (e.g. online source) contribute to optimizing trading and investment strategies. 

Risk Management

Automated background sweeps through multiple online sources and social channels result in current profiles for risk assessment.


AI powered sensitive information discovery helps entities to secure CCPAS and GDRP governance compliancy.


Increased regulatory provisions in crypto asset trading and legal services have triggered a growing demand for anomaly detection.

Content Engagement

AI context detection enables automated generation of (native) poll, trivia , quiz or debate elements for prolonged user engagement. 

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