Right of the bat, HIPSTO has been all about inclusiveness. Getting like minded souls together, being open to ideas, insights and initiative, creating an AI platform that offers multiple benefits to everyone involved.

To us, our intrinsic openness translates to access. Access to the smartest thinkers, best performance resources, unparalleled solutions and infinite opportunities. All this is offered unlimited, without hiërarchy and on an unprecedented scale; All Access AI.

All Access obviously refers to the hyperdynamic arena of music concerts. To us, that’s the perfect analogy; with AI-tech being our stage, vigorously played by our rockstar team!

‘All Access AI’ grants partners and participants permission to go wherever, whenever into the HIPSTO -verse. This also implies there’s no ‘guided tour’ or predetermined itinerary. Be where you wanna be, contribute as you see fit, build legacy together!

Our Aim

– Available data for all. -.


  • To resolve information asymmetry by creating an AI powered open information discovery platform.

  • To provide tooling to unlock the full potential of any data from for any given objective.

  • To provide full access for like minded entities that  via collaborations – and by design- contribute to our open platform and our combined futures.

  • To nourish equality, diversity and prosperity in work and play.


HIPSTO has been one of the early adopters of the BERT model. Recently our scientific team released a paper on how to use and improve BERT for some specific task on the topic of semantic similarities of news content. please download the paper here.

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    HIPSTO Operating B.V.

    Email: info@hipsto.global

    Phone: +31 (0)6 507 458 65

    IBAN: NL36INGB0007989456

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