About us

HIPSTO is a technology start up that saw its origins in 2015.

Our vision is to build the world’s most advanced A.I. driven (mobile) information curation platform.

Time is man’s most precious commodity and the greatest gift you can give to anyone. We are here to help the consumer and businesses save time. The media explosion and technology developments of recent years have created a sensory and informational overload. Consumers and businesses are faced with ever increasing data points on their fields of interest that they can’t possibly gather and process without significant time involvement.

Curation of news or information is not new but advancements in technology such as A.I. and better & faster processing capabilities make it an idea whose time is yet to come.

Here at HIPSTO we have started chipping away at the end goal, which is essentially to wipe away the concept of “time consuming” search.

A paradigm shift possible through an advanced curation proposition.

Our journey and quest has started by building a large portfolio of topic-based curation apps.

“Saving you time”


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