HIPSTO thinks and acts strategically and has an expansive vision of element delivery plans. With the upcoming extension of the technology team, the following time frame on delivery of particular key “microservices” is presented here.

Open AI Platform – FalconV

Open AI Platform – FalconV

Dec 2019

Telegram channel as a delivery option

Jan 2020

Assistant 2.0 Related News Detection

Mar 2020

General Spiders extended for any content type, not only news

Apr 2020

5 news API based data feeds (e.g. YouTube, Facebook)

May 2020

Text Summarization

July 2020

Cross-correlation analysis (e.g. crypto news and exchange rates)

Oct 2020

Fake News Detection

Jan 2021

Mission Control Board, SaaS self-service Dashboard

Mar 2021

Open Content Capturing and Knowledge Discovery Platform

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